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Listen to the "GONE LEAVE" 

01 July 2022 (HAMILTON, ON) - Up and coming artist Lifeandthetribe releases her new single “Gone Leave” which is available now at all digital retailers.  

"Lifeandthetribe is back with her second 2022 single, "Gone Leave", where she commands unavailable partners to either make up their minds or get out." 


"I wrote it at a time when I was seeing a lot of the romantic relationships around me end the same way," said Barrow. "I always wondered why someone would rather hurt their partner, than simply just leave. So I wrote a song about it."

"It's just a fun track about something tough that most of us have been through at one point in our lives," said Barrow. "I hope folks who listen can connect with that."

-Sarah's Hotspot

Download/stream Gone Leave

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“Gone Leave" artwork 

About Lifeadnthetibe:

Lifeandthetribe is the alias of Gambian born/Hamilton-based artist Aisha Barrow. Previously releasing music under her birth name which means "she who lives", Aisha wanted to convey the collaborative nature of her music and the “tribe” of musicians and producers who back her R&B- based-pop-project. “I hate being pinned down by genre; pop can be anything,” she says, and she proves this on her debut EP Eye-sha: Extended (May 2020) which houses an amalgamation of Jazz, R&B, Rock, and Pop. Her sound is an insistence on ubiquity. Local acts will often cite smaller niche artists as their main inspirations, alternatively, Aisha confidently puts Lifeandthetribe in a genre next to Janet Jackson and Britney Spears, even when the genre itself is not welcoming to her. 

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