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22 OCTOBER 2021 (HAMILTON, ON) - Up and coming artist Lifeandthetribe releases her new single “Goddam” which is available now at all digital retailers.  

"Goddam" arrives as the second promotional single of the highly anticipated and soon-to-be-released project for the emerging artist.


"I often write, with the intention of giving myself advice, and Goddam is truly the embodiment of that process. I wrote the song at a time when I wasn't feeling like my best self, and frankly, I just needed a pep talk. 'Goddam' is not just a song, it's a proclamation of confidence. The world can often make you feel as though you are not enough, and with this song, I hope listeners can realize that being enough is not something someone else gets to decide for you, it's who you are, it's your birthright."


With its lush and complex piano chords, heart-pumping bass, and catchy lyrics, "Goddam" seamlessly merges the artist's Jazz roots with her lifelong love of R&B and Pop music, allowing Lifeandthetribe to stake her claim in both genres confidently.

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About Lifeadnthetibe:

Lifeandthetribe is the alias of Gambian born/Hamilton-based artist Aisha Barrow. Previously releasing music under her birth name which means "she who lives", Aisha wanted to convey the collaborative nature of her music and the “tribe” of musicians and producers who back her R&B- based-pop-project. “I hate being pinned down by genre; pop can be anything,” she says, and she proves this on her debut EP Eye-sha: Extended (May 2020) which houses an amalgamation of Jazz, R&B, Rock, and Pop. Her sound is an insistence on ubiquity. Local acts will often cite smaller niche artists as their main inspirations, alternatively, Aisha confidently puts Lifeandthetribe in a genre next to Janet Jackson and Britney Spears, even when the genre itself is not welcoming to her. 

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